Slide C-SIS JPEGComposite Panel Building System’s Exterior Sheathing Stucco System


CPBS has teamed with Stuc-O-Flex International to present the innovative C-SIS Stucco System, a unique, high-tech solution to building envelope performance.



Slide FRT JPEGThe 5- in-1 energy performance of Composite Structural Insulated Sheathing (C-SIS) yields low energy bills, meets 2015 energy codes and generates a high return on investment. No other building system delivers as many benefits in a single system with enhanced structural performance, continuous insulation, water resistive barrier, air-tight building envelope and vapor retarder.



ESlide Stucco JPEGnhancing the superior building performance benefits of the C-SIS Sheathing, Stuc-O-Flex’s elastomeric acrylic stucco 3-step finishing system adds beauty and a protective weathering membrane in an extremely durable, crack resistant coating that is easily applied in fewer steps than conventional stucco, saving time and reducing labor costs.

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The multi-tasking C-SIS Stucco System offers unparalleled energy savings, enhanced R-values, environmental efficiency and long term sustainability.