About CPBS

Composite Panel Building Systems was created with the express purpose of designing, engineering and manufacturing the most advanced products for building envelope performance. Decades of experience in construction, real estate development and building systems exposed the CPBS team to every imaginable building product and building system method. Our focus was to create specific material and system advantages and invest in new, proprietary technologies that deliver performance far beyond traditional stick framing, sheathing products and conventional SIPS and ICFs.

The CPBS team combined the best, proven polyurethane foam core technologies with proprietary fiberglass reinforced thermoset polymer (FRT) structural ‘skins’ to create the revolutionary Composite Structural Insulated Panel (C-SIP) and Composite Structural Insulated Sheathing (C-SIS) building products. CPBS’ green building products are unique, high-tech solutions that outperform conventional SIP and SIS products by delivering long-term sustainability, maximum energy efficiency, an excellent return on investment and dramatically reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

CPBS’ team has a laser focus on their commitment to create more customer value and higher performance building systems for new construction and energy retrofits or renovations that deliver sustainable results. That commitment includes advancing all the performance characteristics and economics of how wall panels and sheathing products are assembled, the best practices and materials for door and window installation and optimized finishing systems that significantly outperform multi-step, high cost exterior finishes.