The C-SIS Stucco System is the combination of CPBS’ 1-1/8” or 2-1/8″ insulating C-SIS Sheathing, comprehensive integrated joint sealing methods and materials along with Stuc-O-Flex’s Elastomeric Acrylic Stucco.

C-SIS Stucco Assembly DetailsCPBS teamed with several major materials manufacturing companies including 3M and their Venture Tape division along with Screw Products. Using these required system accessories, creates the tight joint sealing which drives additional energy, moisture and vapor performance characteristics as well as increases wind loading capabilities. For the C-SIS Stucco System, CPBS has collaborated with Stuc-O-Flex®, the leader in elastomeric stucco finishes to deliver a long lasting, high performance exterior finish over the C-SIS sheathing for new construction or energy retrofit projects. The photo to the right details the C-SIS Stucco System that CPBS has rigorously tested to achieve long term sustainability.

The C-SIS sheathing and incorporated joint sealing system act in unison to block any air, water or vapor infiltration that rob energy performance and can cause seriously damage to your building.

C-SIS Stucco System Arch. Drawings Download the Architectural Drawings to view the details of our unique C-SIS Stucco System.