Stuc-O-Flex Elastomeric Acrylic Stucco

Composite Panel Building Systems has teamed with Stuc-O-Flex International to present the innovative C-SIS Stucco System, a unique, high-tech solution to building envelope performance. After extensive testing and field trials, CPBS has determined using Stuc-O-Flex’s elastomeric acrylic stucco works best with CPBS’ innovative FRT skin and joint sealing components to maintain performance integrity of the whole wall surface.

In 1981, Stuc-O-Flex International created America’s first breathable elastomeric acrylic finish. Today, Stuc-O-Flex offers their unique, highly resilient 100% Acrylic Polymer compound that looks and feels like traditional stucco, yet is applied in only three steps unlike the labor intensive seven steps of traditional stucco. Its thermo-plastic and elastomeric nature allows building movement while enhancing resistance against cracks. CPBS’ advanced FRT skin creates a continuous, even surface ideal for a long lasting bond with the Stuc-O-Flex elastomeric acrylic stucco.

The demonstrative video below proves Stuc-O-Flex’s performance capabilities and strengths.

Enhancing the superior building performance benefits of the FRT skin, Stuc-O-Flex adds beauty and a protective weathering membrane in a pre-colored, extremely durable, fade resistant coating that is resistant to mold and mildew growth. An unlimited selection of colors (over 10,000) in four distinct aggregate choices create a wide variety of texture opportunities from the heaviest southwest stucco to the more contemporary sand finish. Unlike many competitive finishes, Stuc-O-Flex acrylic polymer is manufactured from calcium / marble aggregates, which are pure white and free of foreign materials – not with silica sand that may contain iron, causing the finish to rust on exterior walls.

Stuc-O-Flex elastomeric acrylic stucco is class “A” fire rated, side_stucco_2-150x150will not propagate fire, and has been thoroughly ASTM tested by recognized independent laboratories. It is equally effective regardless of climate and maintains outstanding resistance to environmental impact: freeze – thaw cycles, salt spray, wind driven rain, abrasion & chemical resistance, color retention, UV radiation. The industry’s highest levels of 100% Acrylic Polymer ensures un-matched resilience to surface cracking unlike standard stucco finishes. America’s first elastomeric acrylic finish that is ideal for New Construction, Retrofit or Repair.

Download the 2 page Stuc-O-Flex flyer